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Screenshot of https://sailmb.jcink.net
Sail MB   Visit

The online community for all to express themselves freely on the world wide web! We welcome graphic designers, freedom writers and aspiring artists.

Genre: Graphics and Design · Date Added: Oct 18 2020 6:17 PM · Clicks: 7

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Phantom's Lair   Visit

Welcome to My Lair! To enter my Multi-Fandom realms you must be 18 or Older because our rating is not for the young. If you fit this age group please follow the sounds of the disembodied footsteps...

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Oct 11 2020 6:25 AM · Clicks: 9

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Project Initiative: An Intergalactic AU Marvel RP   Visit

Whether you are a mutant, superbeing, human, hero or rebel - the mission is yours to accept. Project Initiative is a character-driven Marvel RP with exciting sci-fi twists.

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Oct 6 2020 2:07 AM · Clicks: 11

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feels like memories   Visit

feels like memories is a writing haven was inspired for those role play writers that either lack a home or muse to write as a the spirit moves you. since its creation there have been moments of not...

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Oct 2 2020 11:53 AM · Clicks: 17

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Drowning in Fables   Visit

A real life rp based in the midwestern US. Both small town and big city life. We're very character based and can't wait to meet you!

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Sep 30 2020 7:24 PM · Clicks: 15

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99 Hoes   Visit

A sandbox BDSM site. Let your imagination run wild.

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Sep 30 2020 4:14 AM · Clicks: 21

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Summers New X-Men   Visit

An AU X-Men RPG taking place in a "world" without Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr.

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Sep 30 2020 3:52 AM · Clicks: 18

Screenshot of http://buffyaftertheend.jcink.net
Buffy: After the End   Visit

An AU taking place five years after the Buffy series finale

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Sep 30 2020 3:46 AM · Clicks: 20

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Strike First, No Mercy   Visit

AU Cobra Kai/Karate Kid game.

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Sep 30 2020 3:43 AM · Clicks: 18

Screenshot of https://healingheartsranch.jcink.net
Healing Hearts Ranch   Visit

A ranch site taking place in Bailey, Montana.

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Sep 30 2020 3:26 AM · Clicks: 17

Screenshot of https://dcmarveltpw.jcink.net
DC/Marvel: The Power Within   Visit

A DC & Marvel crossover, taking place in Gotham City.

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Sep 30 2020 3:19 AM · Clicks: 15

Screenshot of https://powerofbelief.jcink.net
The Power of Belief   Visit

The Power of Belief is a post-canon Rise of the Guardians site that takes place in the current year. Since his defeat, Pitch Black has crawled out of the darkness and aimed to take the belief of...

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Sep 29 2020 6:03 AM · Clicks: 17

Screenshot of http://hellandheaven.jcink.net
Hell & Heaven   Visit

Welcome to ***** & Heaven, A sandbox roleplaying forum with no activity requirements, no word count and no application.

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Sep 28 2020 6:24 AM · Clicks: 19

Screenshot of http://wdgtdrp.jcink.net
Where Dreams Go To Die   Visit

A panfandom sandbox that allows characters from every medium possible.

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Sep 26 2020 11:05 PM · Clicks: 25

Screenshot of https://facesinthenight.jcink.net
Faces in The Night   Visit

We are a 18+ modern supernatural site with a 3-3-3 rating. We straddle the two worlds of Earth and Tir Na Nog with species that belong to both. Note: Content Restricted: Age Verification Required

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Sep 26 2020 8:59 PM · Clicks: 24

Screenshot of https://cultofvala.jcink.net
Cult of Vala   Visit

Cult of Vala is a modern supernatural site set in an original village in the Scottish Highlands. We feature various strands of magic, twisting plot arcs, an interactive story, and creative freedom.

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Sep 26 2020 6:30 PM · Clicks: 22

Screenshot of https://firenice.jcink.net
Fire & Ice   Visit

Where conflicting views come together!

Genre: General Discussion · Date Added: Sep 23 2020 10:45 PM · Clicks: 27

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Jcink Advertise   Visit

Jcink Advertise is a new forum designed to help people promote their Jcink message board or find a new online community to call home. Come check us out!

Genre: Forum Services · Date Added: Jul 31 2020 6:02 PM · Clicks: 68

Screenshot of https://victoriangothic.jcink.net
Victorian Gothic   Visit

Classic gothic horror roleplay set in 1883 London, that strange mix of spiritualism, occultism, agnosticism, and rapid industrialization.

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jul 26 2020 6:58 AM · Clicks: 80

Screenshot of https://dungeonofstorms.jcink.net
Dungeon of Storms   Visit

18+ forum for discussing worldbuilding, posting & receiving feedback on your RP characters, seeking RP help, and advertising your forums. We also have a small panfandom RP sandbox to play in.

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jul 24 2020 1:38 AM · Clicks: 77

Screenshot of https://kankokupass.jcink.net
Kankoku Pass   Visit

A anime/manga community with a focus around the increasingly popular anime/manga, Kingdom

Genre: Anime · Date Added: Jul 21 2020 12:31 AM · Clicks: 73

Screenshot of http://absinthe.jcink.net
Absinthe - Victorian London   Visit

On Absinthe, you can explore both sides of the social and political spectrum, or somewhere in between. We are a realistic Victorian era rpg forum originally established in 2016.

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jul 14 2020 8:20 AM · Clicks: 83

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elpida   Visit

real-time wizarding world roleplay with a focus on a centralized school — elpída. island setting. original characters (oc)'s only! est. may 2020. jcink premium. 18+. lgbtqia+ friendly!

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jul 14 2020 4:36 AM · Clicks: 244

Screenshot of https://anthology3.jcink.net
An·thol·o·gy   Visit

Multi-Genre | 3-3-3 15+ Creature Types, 5+ Gifted Types, Most Fandoms Welcome! No App, No Word Count, No Character Cap! 3 Eras with nearly endless possibilities. Will you add your story to the anthology?

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jul 9 2020 1:57 PM · Clicks: 378

Screenshot of https://ddr.jcink.net
Dark Designs & Resources   Visit

We are a resource forum, providing members with free graphics, skins, dohtml codes and html templates and of course advertising.

Genre: Graphics and Design · Date Added: Jul 9 2020 10:12 AM · Clicks: 109

Screenshot of http://switchbladesandinfidelity.jcink.net
Switchblades and Infidelity   Visit

Brand new 18+ College town rp Jcink Premium

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jun 29 2020 12:09 AM · Clicks: 93

Screenshot of https://cederenescio.jcink.net
Cedere Nescio   Visit

Cedere Nescio is an 18+ OC-only post-Potter roleplay forum set in the British Isles. It is currently 2029, and three decades on from the Second Wizarding War, tensions remain.

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jun 21 2020 12:31 PM · Clicks: 102

Screenshot of https://newwaystodie.jcink.net
Radioactive   Visit

Marvel. DC. Original Earth. Canons. Originals. 18+. Jcink Premium

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jun 10 2020 6:33 PM · Clicks: 125

Screenshot of http://heartofthewest.jcink.net
Heart of the West   Visit

Welcome to Coalchapel, Wyoming, 1869. Write shoot'em up and feud plots, OR about strong friendships and neighbours who really care - we cater for both. Where will you stand in The Heart of the West?

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jun 8 2020 1:55 AM · Clicks: 103

Screenshot of https://reminiscent.jcink.net
Reminiscent   Visit

A personified spirit panfandom roleplay set in the fictional world of Iwen; unlock your canon's original memories over time and figure out where your real place in the world lies.

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jun 4 2020 5:19 PM · Clicks: 119

Screenshot of https://theweldingboard.boards.net/
The Welding Board   Visit

A board about welding, for those interested in welding and for those that weld for a living. Share your expereinces, knowledge and help create a new generation of welders.

Genre: Education · Date Added: Jun 3 2020 11:28 AM · Clicks: 131

Screenshot of https://delphiacity.jcink.net
Event Horizon   Visit

a member driven, pokemon shifter rp

Genre: RPG · Date Added: May 29 2020 5:13 AM · Clicks: 112

Screenshot of https://eleutheria.jcink.net
Eleutheria - Historical Greece   Visit

The decades-long Peloponnesian war is over and Sparta reigns supreme over a broken and defeated Attica. With soldiers returning home, the people rejoice and praise the *****s for their victories, or...

Genre: RPG · Date Added: May 26 2020 8:32 AM · Clicks: 120

Screenshot of https://uglounge.jcink.net
Nova UGLounge   Visit

An online community centered around gaming, with several servers in various games.

Genre: Online Communities · Date Added: May 26 2020 1:14 AM · Clicks: 118

Screenshot of https://translunary.jcink.net
Translunary   Visit

An 18+ dark, urban fantasy roleplay inspired by Sailor Moon. Dark magic roams the streets of New York City. Are you one of the vigilantes fighting it? Or are you using it as a means to your own end?

Genre: RPG · Date Added: May 24 2020 1:28 AM · Clicks: 135

Screenshot of https://chiron.jcink.net
Ephemeris   Visit

Ephemeris is an il*****rated panfandom site where characters from animated movies and tv, anime and manga, comics, video games, and more have been transported to a realm known as Istreos.

Genre: RPG · Date Added: May 19 2020 10:44 PM · Clicks: 153

Screenshot of https://rpgdirectory.jcink.net
RPG-Directory   Visit

RPG-Directory is one of the largest advertising, resource and services board for role players by role players on the Internet. Visit us for discussion, resources and services for all who role play!

Genre: Forum Services · Date Added: May 16 2020 3:03 AM · Clicks: 138

Screenshot of https://edenbridge.jcink.net
Edenbridge   Visit

Supernaturals have been hiding in plain sight in Edenbridge, keeping the peace among their species. Their secret existence is threatened by the influx of humans & tensions among species are high.

Genre: RPG · Date Added: May 14 2020 3:56 PM · Clicks: 116

Screenshot of https://knownspace.jcink.net
Known Space   Visit

An 18+ sci-fi RPG that contains multiple factions from those who seek out new life and new civilizations to pirates and slavers who prey on the weak and many things in between. It is an open universe...

Genre: RPG · Date Added: May 13 2020 7:11 AM · Clicks: 137

Screenshot of https://littleshop.jcink.net
A Little Shop of Horrors   Visit

jcink premium /18+ /supernatural /bdsm

Genre: RPG · Date Added: May 13 2020 5:08 AM · Clicks: 185

Screenshot of https://graphicsgames.jcink.net
Graphics Games   Visit

Graphics Games, a graphics and resource community for everyone to enjoy. we have challenges, resources, events, promotions, awards and more!

Genre: Graphics and Design · Date Added: May 12 2020 5:49 PM · Clicks: 132

Screenshot of http://kink.jcink.net
KINK   Visit

18+ Only - Modern Day Real Life RP based on the kinksters in Portland Oregon. LGBT+ Friendly - No Wordcount - Shipper App

Genre: RPG · Date Added: May 9 2020 11:41 PM · Clicks: 124

Screenshot of http://mprp.jcink.net
Masterpiece   Visit

Masterpiece is an original interstellar RPG. We are a premium site (18+ members only) with no word count and no activity checks. We have a plan for a developing plot line and look forward to building...

Genre: RPG · Date Added: May 6 2020 6:30 PM · Clicks: 134

Screenshot of http://equitate.jcink.net
Equitate   Visit

Equitate is an 18+ small town/equestrian rpg. Equitate is a member driven site that offers regular site wide events. We have no word counts, no activity checks, and thoroughly enjoy just hanging out...

Genre: RPG · Date Added: May 6 2020 6:29 PM · Clicks: 128

Screenshot of http://darkmotives.jcink.net
Dark Motives   Visit

We are a Jcink premium, supernatural rpg with roughly 50 species and counting. We are set in a fictional town in Georgia, in the current season and year. We feature a code bank and have a discord.

Genre: RPG · Date Added: May 3 2020 12:40 AM · Clicks: 177

Screenshot of http://winxp.jcink.net
The Win XP Hobby Forums   Visit

The win XP hobby forums are a place to discuss and get support for Windows XP

Genre: Computers and Technology · Date Added: May 2 2020 10:26 PM · Clicks: 134

Screenshot of http://harmsway.jcink.net
Harms Way   Visit


Genre: RPG · Date Added: Apr 27 2020 11:19 PM · Clicks: 176

Screenshot of https://boreal.jcink.net
Boreal   Visit

A place where you can talk about outdoor activities such as hiking, backpacking, and more.

Genre: Un-Categorized · Date Added: Apr 24 2020 4:28 AM · Clicks: 123

Screenshot of http://bigeasy.jcink.net
The Big Easy   Visit

Welcome to the big easy, a real life jcink premium site based in the vibrant city of new orleans

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Apr 19 2020 9:10 PM · Clicks: 203

Screenshot of https://soups.jcink.net
The Soups   Visit

A DC/Marvel AU in which every character has been dragged from their homeworld to start a new life on a new Earth.

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Apr 18 2020 5:34 PM · Clicks: 153

Screenshot of http://ihb.jcink.net
I Hate Boredom   Visit

A relaxing, random community.

Genre: Online Communities · Date Added: Apr 17 2020 11:58 PM · Clicks: 167

Screenshot of http://waifuclan.com
The Waifu Clan   Visit

The Waifu Clan is a small group of people who play PSO2, Guild Wars2 and Warframe PS4

Genre: Clans · Date Added: Apr 17 2020 1:07 AM · Clicks: 193

Screenshot of http://dothack.world
.Hack// Forums   Visit

Welcome to a new .Hack// Forums, where we tired to emulate the official dead .Hack// Forums from CyberConnect2 & Bandai Namco Games. We hope you guys enjoy the forums. Bonus perks! New members gets a personal @dothack.world email account ;)

Genre: Games · Date Added: Apr 17 2020 1:02 AM · Clicks: 147

Screenshot of https://fizzyelf.jcink.net
FizzyElf's Portfolio   Visit

Custom forum skins, conversion services, templates and utilities, tips and tricks.

Genre: Forum Services · Date Added: Apr 15 2020 8:56 PM · Clicks: 143

Screenshot of http://spicescoffeehouse.com
Spice's Coffee House   Visit

A small general chat forum where you can, play some games, engage in some discussion and take a virtual tour of places you may never visit. Coffee's always fresh and on.

Genre: Online Communities · Date Added: Apr 15 2020 2:20 PM · Clicks: 215

Screenshot of http://www.fodlan.com
Fodlan Chronicles   Visit

A roleplaying site based on the setting of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Made up of original characters, we follow an original storyline and are suitable for fans of the fantasy and JRPG genre.

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Apr 15 2020 1:25 PM · Clicks: 438

Screenshot of https://sevenpillars.jcink.net
Seven Pillars   Visit

Seven Pillars is an original high magic world with a unique spin on your favourite fantasy races. Small community, site-wide and player-driven plots.

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Apr 15 2020 4:54 AM · Clicks: 139

Screenshot of https://katamariontheweb.jcink.net
Katamari on the Web   Visit

Fans of the Katamari games, as well as series creator Keita Takahashi's other games, are welcome to come roll with us.

Genre: Games · Date Added: Apr 15 2020 2:26 AM · Clicks: 144

Screenshot of https://fateot.jcink.net
Fate/Orbis Telos RP   Visit

Fate/Orbis Telos is an AU 18+ Rated Roleplay Forum based on Type-Moon's Fate Series

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Apr 11 2020 2:29 PM · Clicks: 223

Screenshot of https://nexads.jcink.net
Planet Nexus Nexads   Visit

Example site displaying the advertisement capabilities of Planet Nexus' Nexads advertisement system

Genre: Forum Services · Date Added: Apr 11 2020 2:12 PM · Clicks: 144

Screenshot of https://jcodes.jcink.net
jCodes   Visit

jCodes is the ultimate resource for your Jcink coding needs.

Genre: Forum Services · Date Added: Apr 10 2020 11:39 PM · Clicks: 211