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Screenshot of https://secondcoming.jcink.net
She Returns   Visit

We are an 18+ AU Black Jewels RPG. We have no word count, character caps, or ratios. Long before Jaenelle Angelline there was another Witch. The Witch; Queen of Dragons. This is the story of Her...

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jul 24 2021 10:03 PM · Clicks: 5

Screenshot of https://shiftingoubliette.jcink.net
The Oubliette   Visit

The Oubliette is a PG-13 roleplay set on the fantasy isle of Halsen, and centered around characters who explore the *****ular magical labyrinth. Members have a wide amount of freedom to make...

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jul 20 2021 1:46 PM · Clicks: 13

Screenshot of https://whoisleft.jcink.net
Only Who Is Left   Visit

Only Who Is Left is a non-canon, member-driven, au post-Potter game that strives to create an environment rich in character development and community. OWIL is an HPRPG that offers a unique experience...

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jul 16 2021 5:56 PM · Clicks: 23

Screenshot of https://finishline.jcink.net
Finish Line   Visit

The year is 2027 and the world is far different from what many imagined it would be. After a strange genetic anomaly appeared more than 600 years ago people with strange powers have become common...

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jul 8 2021 6:15 PM · Clicks: 31

Screenshot of https://outerbanks.jcink.net
Outer Banks   Visit

A real life inclusive writing community with a focus on character creation and development in a relaxed environment. Taking place in the fictional location Callaway, California. Come join the fun!

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jul 6 2021 5:44 AM · Clicks: 26

Screenshot of https://celestialrefresh.jcink.net
Celestial Refresh Roleplay   Visit

A RP forum devoted to allow you the opportunity to act out the personalities and stories of your favourite characters from your favourite settings, with an active and welcoming community, CRRP is open

Genre: Games · Date Added: Jul 2 2021 11:18 PM · Clicks: 21

Screenshot of https://kismetdivided.jcink.net
Kismet Divided   Visit

Kismet Divided™ is a dark fantasy roleplaying game that has been running for over three years with site events. We have a unique take on magic and use animanga and/or custom art to portray...

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jul 2 2021 4:43 PM · Clicks: 21

Screenshot of http://mysticwish.monster
Mystic Wish   Visit

Personal website & forum for fan projects, discussion, & more. Come check out the art gallery, Pokémon challenges, lists, or share something of your own!

Genre: Online Communities · Date Added: Jun 22 2021 9:11 PM · Clicks: 30

Screenshot of http://closurerp.jcink.net
Closure   Visit

Closure is a Jcink Premium, post Potter generation roleplay set in the year 2033 during a time of economic and political crisis; how long can the country last in this state before falling to chaos?

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jun 17 2021 6:04 PM · Clicks: 35