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Screenshot of https://pdk.jcink.net
Practical Demon Keeping   Visit

Welcome to Stagrest-on-Yare, a mundane university tucked away in The Broads. Unless, that is, you've been selected to take Night Cl*****. Step out of the moonlight and into the cellars of the...

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jan 28 2023 10:41 PM · Clicks: 4

Screenshot of https://sinisterhaven.com
Sinister Haven   Visit

Rated 3 1 3, 18 +, Rp Community. Sinister Haven may have been inspired by Erin Hunter’s Warrior Cats, but it’s far from your typical Warriors roleplay site.

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jan 28 2023 12:45 AM · Clicks: 12

Screenshot of https://ezone.jcink.net
E-Zone Community   Visit

E-Zone Community is a message board community that focuses mainly on discussion topics that have to do with the ways of living.

Genre: Entertainment · Date Added: Jan 26 2023 6:43 PM · Clicks: 13

Screenshot of https://dragonetroleplay.jcink.net
Dragonet Roleplay   Visit

Dragonet Roleplay is a textbased digital roleplaying game- done via forums. It is a combination of the ever-so-popular TTRPGs such as fantasy roleplaying games with character sheets and adventures to...

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jan 22 2023 9:48 PM · Clicks: 23

Screenshot of https://rpgswtor.jcink.net
Star Wars: The Old Republic   Visit

Peace is broken! After twelve years of tenuous peace created by the Treaty of Coruscant, all-out war has resumed between the Republic and the Empire. The Empire assaults many defenseless worlds and...

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jan 9 2023 9:37 PM · Clicks: 36

Screenshot of https://archonvs.jcink.net
a r c h o n v s   Visit

we're a premium jcink roleplay forum focusing on supernatural creature, abilities, and cyber dystopian themes. we're member-driven but also come packing with monthly, primarily-plot-focused...

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Dec 18 2022 6:17 AM · Clicks: 71

Screenshot of https://starshiptroopers.jcink.net
Starship Troopers: RPG   Visit

As a member of Warwick's Wolves you'll find yourself trying to survive an intergalatic war aganist the arachnids. You'll also fight other human groups and skinnies.

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Dec 15 2022 2:23 AM · Clicks: 59

Screenshot of https://nightoffire.jcink.net
Night of Fire   Visit

We are a new, revitalized ALTERNATIVE Universe Black Jewel Site! We are in our soft open and letting the players help build our site plot. We have 4 open territories with options for more! 3-3-3...

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Dec 4 2022 7:40 PM · Clicks: 79

Screenshot of https://divergentrealities.jcink.net
Divergent Realities   Visit

Divergent Realities is a multi-Punkverse roleplay adventure covering Cyberpunk, Dieselpunk, and Steampunk genres in three distinct worlds. We've got a little of everything!

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Dec 1 2022 8:29 AM · Clicks: 63