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Screenshot of https://hemlockhallows.jcink.net
  • Hemlock Hallows

    A modern Harry Potter roleplay set in the hidden, magical community of Hemlock Hallow located in Antarctica. Outside the law, the interconnected biomes are home to researchers, students, criminals,...

  • Total Visits: 97
Screenshot of https://colormyworld.jcink.net
  • Color My World!

    we are a brand new resource community located on jcink. we provide options for skins, codes, resources, and graphics for you to use for your own forum.

  • Total Visits: 104
Screenshot of https://sandb.jcink.net
  • Skin and Bone

    There was never a Chosen One. There was no prophecy. So there shouldn’t still be hope. But hope is persistent. The question on everyone’s minds, regardless of blood status or class: what’s next?

  • Total Visits: 121
Screenshot of https://megacitydatabase.jcink.net
  • Re:Vision

    A superpowered cyberpunk RPG set in humanity's last bastion against extinction: the Megacity. Will you play as one of the superhuman axions, or will you hunt them down as a KNIGHT officer?

  • Total Visits: 151
Screenshot of https://ancientlegacy.jcink.net
  • Ancient Legacy

    For eons, the Quarilia and its kingdoms have thrived. Home to humans and demi*****s, Quarilia is a place where the *****s are real and some mortals have been blessed by them, gaining powers as a...

  • Total Visits: 68
Screenshot of https://widowsharbour.jcink.net
  • Widow's Harbour

    Widow's Harbour is an AU Real Life RPG set in the *****ular fictional town. Still in recovery from WWI, things threaten to change even more in the town when a cruise ship wrecks off the coast.

  • Total Visits: 62
Screenshot of https://toilandtroubled.jcink.net
  • Toil & Trouble

    JCINK Premium, 21+ SPN & Fantasy RPG set in the fictional city of Oxly, NY. The city holds it's residents captive, and not even those on the outside can escape her ire.

  • Total Visits: 76
Screenshot of https://sapphiretears.jcink.net

    Shimmer is a **21+, public, Jcink Premium, real life** that is located in the *fictional city* of **Kósmima, Oregon. ** Built in the 1850s, Kósmima became one of the gems of the west, becoming a...

  • Total Visits: 94
Screenshot of https://maskedinshadows.jcink.net
  • Masked in Shadows

    Freeform RPG for adults, blending fantasy and sci-fi in a modern-day setting. Emphasizes story and character development, LGBTQ+ friendly. Light dice optional. Creative freedom encouraged.

  • Total Visits: 109
Screenshot of https://cleyn-university.com
  • Cleyn-University

    FORUM RPG NSFW - Cleyn est une magnifique ville où la luxure et les fantasmes sont totalement libérés !

  • Total Visits: 92