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Screenshot of https://maskedinshadows.jcink.net
  • Masked in Shadows

    Freeform RPG for adults, blending fantasy and sci-fi in a modern-day setting. Emphasizes story and character development, LGBTQ+ friendly. Light dice optional. Creative freedom encouraged.

  • Total Visits: 155
Screenshot of https://cleyn-university.com
  • Cleyn-University

    FORUM RPG NSFW - Cleyn est une magnifique ville où la luxure et les fantasmes sont totalement libérés !

  • Total Visits: 143
Screenshot of https://wing.jcink.net
  • crack the sky

    aerion has been caught in a years-long war between the countries of prospemeria and stryla, while both sides are vying for power, all the while utilizing dragon riding in deadly sky combat, however...

  • Total Visits: 162
Screenshot of https://tnmn.jcink.net
  • That's not my Neighbor Forums

    A forum for the video game That's not my Neighbor.

  • Total Visits: 118
Screenshot of http://ruminate.jcink.net
  • ruminate

    Set in the Appalachian Mountains in fictional Turkeyfoot, NC, Ruminate is a no face claim, no word count, real life roleplay.

  • Total Visits: 153
Screenshot of https://saltair.jcink.net
  • Salt Air

    Salt Air is set in present-day real life site Los Angeles, California. Where you can be anyone that you want to be! Whether you are a celebrity, a barista, a CEO, etc. The limit doesn't exist.

  • Total Visits: 184
Screenshot of https://atramentous.jcink.net
  • Atramentous

    Atramentous is a high fantasy cosmic horror RP. We invite you to enter the world of Vespertine, an isolated island nation ravaged by the sinister rains of the mysterious Blight.

  • Total Visits: 194
Screenshot of https://piertotumlocomotor.jcink.net

    We are a post-potter AU rpg! Set in the year 2030, we are focused on character-driven plots, though we do have a small site-wide plot of wolf-discourse to keep things interesting! We are a premium JCINK forum, and do not allow characters under the age of 18 to be made!

  • Total Visits: 153
Screenshot of https://abu.jcink.net
  • A Bigger Universe

    A Bigger Universe is an AU take on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, diverging from the main timeline before the events of Age of Ultron. The Avengers are at their peak, Hydra's secrets have been...

  • Total Visits: 155
Screenshot of https://eclipse913reborn.jcink.net
  • Eclipse Reborn

    We are an OC SUPERPOWERS forum roleplay, drawing inspiration from the likes of Heroes, X-Men and even The Boys. We are rated 3, 3, 3 for adult content, are LGBTQ+ friendly and have no WC.

  • Total Visits: 246