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  • In total there are 111 active sites in the directory.
  • There are 162 registered members.
  • All forums have received a total of 32,816 clicks on their links.
  • Most Clicks: Fodlan Chronicles (Link ) has 2227 clicks
  • Newest Addition: She Returns (Link ) was added Jul 24 2021 10:03 PM
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Newest Addition
Screenshot of https://secondcoming.jcink.net
She Returns


We are an 18+ AU Black Jewels RPG. We have no word count, character caps, or ratios. Long before Jaenelle Angelline there was another Witch. The Witch; Queen of Dragons. This is the story of Her...

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jul 24 2021 10:03 PM · Clicks: 5

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Most Clicks Received
Screenshot of http://www.fodlan.com
Fodlan Chronicles


A roleplaying site based on the setting of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Made up of original characters, we follow an original storyline and are suitable for fans of the fantasy and JRPG genre.

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Apr 15 2020 1:25 PM · Clicks: 2,227

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Random: Un-Categorized
Screenshot of https://moshlearns.jcink.net
Mosh's Learning Pit


learning how to code pog

Genre: Un-Categorized · Date Added: Feb 22 2021 4:26 AM · Clicks: 84

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Random: Anime
Screenshot of https://kankokupass.jcink.net
Kankoku Pass


A anime/manga community with a focus around the increasingly popular anime/manga, Kingdom

Genre: Anime · Date Added: Jul 21 2020 12:31 AM · Clicks: 237

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Random: Clans
Screenshot of http://waifuclan.com
The Waifu Clan


The Waifu Clan is a small group of people who play PSO2, Guild Wars2 and Warframe PS4

Genre: Clans · Date Added: Apr 17 2020 1:07 AM · Clicks: 345

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Random: Computers and Technology
Screenshot of http://winxp.jcink.net
The Win XP Hobby Forums


The win XP hobby forums are a place to discuss and get support for Windows XP

Genre: Computers and Technology · Date Added: May 2 2020 10:26 PM · Clicks: 325

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Random: Education
Screenshot of https://theweldingboard.boards.net/
The Welding Board


A board about welding, for those interested in welding and for those that weld for a living. Share your expereinces, knowledge and help create a new generation of welders.

Genre: Education · Date Added: Jun 3 2020 11:28 AM · Clicks: 292

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Random: Forum Services
Screenshot of https://rpgdirectory.jcink.net


RPG-Directory is one of the largest advertising, resource and services board for role players by role players on the Internet. Visit us for discussion, resources and services for all who role play!

Genre: Forum Services · Date Added: May 16 2020 3:03 AM · Clicks: 594

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Random: Games
Screenshot of http://dothack.world
.Hack// Forums


Welcome to a new .Hack// Forums, where we tired to emulate the official dead .Hack// Forums from CyberConnect2 & Bandai Namco Games. We hope you guys enjoy the forums. Bonus perks! New members gets a personal @dothack.world email account ;)

Genre: Games · Date Added: Apr 17 2020 1:02 AM · Clicks: 321

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Random: Graphics and Design
Screenshot of https://sailmb.jcink.net
Sail MB


The online community for all to express themselves freely on the world wide web! We welcome graphic designers, freedom writers and aspiring artists.

Genre: Graphics and Design · Date Added: Oct 18 2020 6:17 PM · Clicks: 190

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Random: General Discussion
Screenshot of https://thedaytimedish.jcink.net
Daytime Dish


General Hospital, The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, One Life to Live, All My Children, General Hospital, and more . . . let's discuss the current and classic soap operas!

Genre: General Discussion · Date Added: Nov 16 2020 1:13 AM · Clicks: 1,576

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Random: Online Communities
Screenshot of https://intoinfinity.jcink.net
Into Infinity


A community of mostly Art Bell survivors who still like the forum/message board format. We have morphed into discussing "you name it" .....except politics. Rules: Be nice to one another. NO POLITICS

Genre: Online Communities · Date Added: Mar 15 2021 12:00 AM · Clicks: 79

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Random: RPG
Screenshot of https://vagabondcode.com


An 18+ Star Wars RPG focused on the growing threat of the Sith Empire, the conflict between Mandalorians, and more. Takes place after season two of The Mandalorian. Jcink Premium, no word count, 18+

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Apr 10 2021 5:32 PM · Clicks: 85

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