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Newest Addition
Screenshot of https://pdk.jcink.net
Practical Demon Keeping


Welcome to Stagrest-on-Yare, a mundane university tucked away in The Broads. Unless, that is, you've been selected to take Night Cl*****. Step out of the moonlight and into the cellars of the...

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jan 28 2023 10:41 PM · Clicks: 4

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Most Clicks Received
Screenshot of http://www.fodlan.com
Fodlan Chronicles


A roleplaying site based on the setting of Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Made up of original characters, we follow an original storyline and are suitable for fans of the fantasy and JRPG genre.

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Apr 15 2020 1:25 PM · Clicks: 5,043

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Random: Un-Categorized
Screenshot of https://moshlearns.jcink.net
Mosh's Learning Pit


learning how to code pog

Genre: Un-Categorized · Date Added: Feb 22 2021 4:26 AM · Clicks: 351

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Random: Anime
Screenshot of https://kankokupass.jcink.net
Kankoku Pass


A anime/manga community with a focus around the increasingly popular anime/manga, Kingdom

Genre: Anime · Date Added: Jul 21 2020 12:31 AM · Clicks: 576

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Random: Clans
Screenshot of http://waifuclan.com
The Waifu Clan


The Waifu Clan is a small group of people who play PSO2, Guild Wars2 and Warframe PS4

Genre: Clans · Date Added: Apr 17 2020 1:07 AM · Clicks: 628

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Random: Computers and Technology
Screenshot of http://winxp.jcink.net
The Win XP Hobby Forums


The win XP hobby forums are a place to discuss and get support for Windows XP

Genre: Computers and Technology · Date Added: May 2 2020 10:26 PM · Clicks: 644

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Random: Entertainment
Screenshot of https://ezone.jcink.net
E-Zone Community


E-Zone Community is a message board community that focuses mainly on discussion topics that have to do with the ways of living.

Genre: Entertainment · Date Added: Jan 26 2023 6:43 PM · Clicks: 13

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Random: Family
Screenshot of https://rowansforum.jcink.net
Rowan's Forum


Rowan's forum is a forum I made for personal use, and for friends and family.

Genre: Family · Date Added: Feb 15 2022 6:01 PM · Clicks: 211

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Random: Forum Services
Screenshot of https://cttw.jcink.net
Caution to the Wind


A Resource Site and an RPG site. All your Jcink needs in one place!

Genre: Forum Services · Date Added: Nov 15 2020 2:39 PM · Clicks: 1,322

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Random: Games
Screenshot of https://strangerthingsdohappen.jcink.net
Stranger Things Do Happen


We are an 18+ Stranger Things literate role play community. We are LGBTQ friendly. Both canon and non-canon characters are welcome. Imagine a time where Hopper and Billy both survived, and yes even...

Genre: Games · Date Added: Nov 14 2021 6:13 PM · Clicks: 282

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Random: Graphics and Design
Screenshot of https://graphicsgames.jcink.net
Graphics Games


Graphics Games, a graphics and resource community for everyone to enjoy. we have challenges, resources, events, promotions, awards and more!

Genre: Graphics and Design · Date Added: May 12 2020 5:49 PM · Clicks: 649

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Random: General Discussion
Screenshot of https://firenice.jcink.net
Fire & Ice


Where conflicting views come together!

Genre: General Discussion · Date Added: Sep 23 2020 10:45 PM · Clicks: 519

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Random: Online Communities
Screenshot of http://spicescoffeehouse.com
Spice's Coffee House


A small general chat forum where you can, play some games, engage in some discussion and take a virtual tour of places you may never visit. Coffee's always fresh and on.

Genre: Online Communities · Date Added: Apr 15 2020 2:20 PM · Clicks: 1,050

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Random: RPG
Screenshot of https://toothandnailrpg.jcink.net
Tooth and Nail


Tooth & Nail is an AU rp site featuring an entirely unique plot. We feature TVD, TW, Supernatural, and a tweaked supernatural version of Riverdale. We do not have a word count. We are premium and 18+

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Nov 13 2021 10:20 PM · Clicks: 240

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