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Screenshot of https://jdiscussions.jcink.net
jDiscussions   Visit

jDiscussions is a friendly place to discuss everything!

Genre: Online Communities · Date Added: Aug 23 2021 3:12 AM · Clicks: 63

This forum is offline
Friendly Chatting   » Offline

This forum is offline and is not being included in the directory.

Genre: Online Communities · Date Added: Aug 1 2021 12:56 PM · Clicks: _____

Screenshot of http://mysticwish.monster
Mystic Wish   Visit

Personal website & forum for fan projects, discussion, & more. Come check out the art gallery, Pokémon challenges, lists, or share something of your own!

Genre: Online Communities · Date Added: Jun 22 2021 9:11 PM · Clicks: 72

Screenshot of https://intoinfinity.jcink.net
Into Infinity   Visit

A community of mostly Art Bell survivors who still like the forum/message board format. We have morphed into discussing "you name it" .....except politics. Rules: Be nice to one another. NO POLITICS

Genre: Online Communities · Date Added: Mar 15 2021 12:00 AM · Clicks: 117

Screenshot of http://abrosexuality.jcink.net
Abrosexuality Resource Forum   Visit

The official abro*****ual community resource forum. Inspired by AVEN's and the demi*****uality community message board.

Genre: Online Communities · Date Added: Mar 7 2021 9:20 PM · Clicks: 123

Screenshot of https://specevo.jcink.net
Speculative Evolution   Visit

Discuss. Speculate. Evolve.

Genre: Online Communities · Date Added: Nov 16 2020 1:06 AM · Clicks: 286

Screenshot of https://uglounge.jcink.net
Nova UGLounge   Visit

An online community centered around gaming, with several servers in various games.

Genre: Online Communities · Date Added: May 26 2020 1:14 AM · Clicks: 340

Screenshot of http://ihb.jcink.net
I Hate Boredom   Visit

A relaxing, random community.

Genre: Online Communities · Date Added: Apr 17 2020 11:58 PM · Clicks: 452

Screenshot of http://spicescoffeehouse.com
Spice's Coffee House   Visit

A small general chat forum where you can, play some games, engage in some discussion and take a virtual tour of places you may never visit. Coffee's always fresh and on.

Genre: Online Communities · Date Added: Apr 15 2020 2:20 PM · Clicks: 655

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