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Screenshot of https://friendlychatting.jcink.net
Friendly Chatting   Visit

We are back with Jcink! Come and visit for a chat..play some games..vent your spleen and visit the spooky section if you dare! We have some lovely themes..the latest is Bunnies by Spice of Spice’s coffee house. Plus pumpkins galore. You will be made very welcome

Genre: Online Communities · Date Added: Aug 1 2021 12:56 PM · Clicks: 425

Screenshot of http://mysticwish.monster
Mystic Wish   Visit

Personal website & forum for fan projects, discussion, & more. Come check out the art gallery, Pokémon challenges, lists, or share something of your own!

Genre: Online Communities · Date Added: Jun 22 2021 9:11 PM · Clicks: 525

Screenshot of http://abrosexuality.jcink.net
Abrosexuality Resource Forum   Visit

The official abro*****ual community resource forum. Inspired by AVEN's and the demi*****uality community message board.

Genre: Online Communities · Date Added: Mar 7 2021 9:20 PM · Clicks: 533

Screenshot of https://specevo.jcink.net
Speculative Evolution   Visit

Discuss. Speculate. Evolve.

Genre: Online Communities · Date Added: Nov 16 2020 1:06 AM · Clicks: 870

Screenshot of https://uglounge.jcink.net
Nova UGLounge   Visit

An online community centered around gaming, with several servers in various games.

Genre: Online Communities · Date Added: May 26 2020 1:14 AM · Clicks: 767

Screenshot of http://ihb.jcink.net
I Hate Boredom   Visit

A relaxing, random community.

Genre: Online Communities · Date Added: Apr 17 2020 11:58 PM · Clicks: 949

Screenshot of http://spicescoffeehouse.com
Spice's Coffee House   Visit

A small general chat forum where you can, play some games, engage in some discussion and take a virtual tour of places you may never visit. Coffee's always fresh and on.

Genre: Online Communities · Date Added: Apr 15 2020 2:20 PM · Clicks: 1,322