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Screenshot of https://neverbloom.jcink.net
Never Bloom   Visit

A post-apocalypse zombie rp site taking place in Colorado. Member drive, inclusive, and friendly! We have multiple factions to choose from. Come check us out! Established June 2022

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jun 29 2022 10:59 PM · Clicks: 6

Screenshot of http://thragg.jcink.net
Thragg   Visit

THRAGG is a post-apocalyptic high fantasy text-based role play with themes in medieval, steampunk, and magic. A character-interactive world; That you can play humans or non-humans, dragons, and...

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jun 28 2022 10:38 AM · Clicks: 9

Screenshot of https://owlery.jcink.net
The Owlery   Visit

The Owlery is a non-canon, au post-Potter game with a focus on Hogwarts day-to-day, slice of life.

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jun 24 2022 11:52 PM · Clicks: 18

Screenshot of https://moribundv2.jcink.net
Moribund v2   Visit

30 years from now, San Francisco disappears. Those left behind find they aren't alone; creatures that shouldn't exist are here--but humans have a way to combat them--with a phone app called...

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jun 10 2022 7:58 PM · Clicks: 28

Screenshot of https://hellsong.jcink.net
hell song   Visit

*****o and welcome to ***** song, a eighteen+ and mature roleplay with a dark and gritty feel. With the rose colored gl***** ripped of; humankind struggles to adapt. BOSTON, MA as created the occult...

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jun 5 2022 1:31 AM · Clicks: 38

Screenshot of https://wizardworld.jcink.net
Wizarding World   Visit

A place where your character can explore the magical world, get sorted and go to Hogwarts, and even plot to change the course of events if they want to. set circa 2011, canon divergent (no epilogue)

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jun 1 2022 10:32 PM · Clicks: 28

Screenshot of https://dragonageroleplay.jcink.net
Dragon Age: Chronicles of Thedas   Visit

18+ roleplaying game based on the Dragon Age series. DA:O, DA:2, and DA:I timelines available. Roleplayers with characters in multiple timelines reserve the right to roleplay at their own pace.

Genre: RPG · Date Added: May 28 2022 1:50 PM · Clicks: 30

Screenshot of https://jamaisvu22.jcink.net
Jamais Vu   Visit

Twenty-four years ago the wizarding world experienced a turn of events that would change everything. In the United Kingdom the Battle of Hogwarts was won and all around the globe things began to...

Genre: RPG · Date Added: May 3 2022 9:18 PM · Clicks: 48

Screenshot of https://returntotheisles.jcink.net
Return to the Isles   Visit

RTTI is an oldschool wild horse rpg brought into the modern era, meant to serve as a pod of nostalgia for those of us who grew up in this environment, and a living museum for the younger generation...

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Apr 22 2022 9:22 AM · Clicks: 62

Screenshot of https://moonrevengerp.jcink.net
Moon Revenge   Visit

MR is an AU, Neo Crystal Tokyo play by post RPG. We welcome originals and canon characters. If you're interested in super heroics with magical girls and boys in SPACE, check us out.

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Apr 10 2022 7:23 PM · Clicks: 60

Screenshot of https://gaiaslibraryrpg.jcink.net
Gaia's Library RPG   Visit

Gaia's Library RPG Premium18+ PbP. The *****dess Gaia tore the world apart, magic in the Aether Realm and non-magic in the Mortal Realm. War, love, magic, mayhem ensue as your characters goes...

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Apr 9 2022 1:47 PM · Clicks: 57