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Screenshot of https://divergentrealities.jcink.net
Divergent Realities   Visit

Divergent Realities is a multi-Punkverse roleplay adventure covering Cyberpunk, Dieselpunk, and Steampunk genres in three distinct worlds. We've got a little of everything!

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Dec 1 2022 8:29 AM · Clicks: 6

Screenshot of https://lietomerp.jcink.net
Lie to Me   Visit

An adult-only, dark and gritty supernatural-dystopian roleplay welcoming writers 25+ into an original world. Earth was reset to a new, cleansed version of itself 10 years ago when mankind faced a...

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Nov 12 2022 3:11 PM · Clicks: 46

Screenshot of https://thetreehouserp.jcink.net
The Treehouse   Visit

A post-Potter sandbox rpg spanning the entire magical world. The muggle and magical worlds are on the brink of becoming one. Will this spark a third war, or can the peaceful climate be maintained?

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Oct 27 2022 1:01 PM · Clicks: 43

Screenshot of https://swascent.jcink.net
Star Wars: Ascent   Visit

Star Wars: Ascent is an AU Star Wars RP set after the canon events of The Book of Boba Fett. Following the fall of the Empire, many planets suffer from a power struggle between criminal gangs,...

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Oct 26 2022 8:29 PM · Clicks: 34

Screenshot of https://bleakmidwinter.jcink.net
Bleak Midwinter   Visit

AU Peaky Blinders. The streets are owned by crooks and gangsters no matter the town or state you are in. Corruption is rife. Political reform is needed. And in Birmingham the Blinders reign supreme.

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Oct 21 2022 9:41 PM · Clicks: 41

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Threads of Mana   » Offline

This forum is offline and is not being included in the directory.

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Sep 25 2022 9:44 PM · Clicks: _____

Screenshot of https://lostdays.jcink.net
Lost Days   Visit

Experience an exciting D&D RP filled with magic, monsters, world building, new races, combat, and dark fantasy. No knowledge is required. 18+ Premium.

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Sep 13 2022 7:19 PM · Clicks: 100

Screenshot of https://devildoesntbargin.jcink.net
Devil Doesn't Bargain   Visit

5 Years after a chemical spill people are starting to manifest strange abilities that are being called "oddities". A member driven dark and gritty original powers site where the struggle for...

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Sep 5 2022 9:09 PM · Clicks: 115

Screenshot of http://nextincantation.com
The Next Incantation   Visit

The Wizarding world is focused on the current push from dark wizards intent on no longer hiding magic away, and an organised group of vigilante muggles would rather if magic disappeared forever.

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Aug 22 2022 12:32 PM · Clicks: 103

Screenshot of https://gdsrp.jcink.net
Golden Days   Visit

Welcome to Golden Days! We're a brand-new 18+ sandbox site on the Jcink platform. We welcome writers of all walks of life and activity levels, and aim to be a place you can be proud to be part of!

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Aug 13 2022 1:56 AM · Clicks: 131

Screenshot of https://convosrp.jcink.net
My Bad Habits   Visit

We are a modern day RL RP set Arizona. We are a member & character driven community that thrives on character and member interactivity. There is no wc. We look forward to plotting & posting with you!

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Aug 12 2022 5:33 PM · Clicks: 93