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Screenshot of https://tcoh.jcink.net
The Collapse of Mankind   Visit

The Collapse of Mankind is a 17+ (3-3-3) mature survival roleplay where we live in a world where humans are not the only thing to be feared. Join TCOM and try to survive as you leave a mark in history!

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jul 22 2023 7:43 PM · Clicks: 83

Screenshot of https://spacebar.jcink.net
Space Bar   Visit

Space Bar is your local, interstellar, online dive bar and an online homage to all brick and mortar LGBTQ+ bars, clubs, pop-up dance parties, pride events, and underground spaces in the world.

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jul 6 2023 1:32 PM · Clicks: 81

Screenshot of http://eclipse913reborn.jcink.net
Eclipse Reborn   Visit

Ordinary people, with extraordinary abilities... Eclipse Reborn is an OC Superpowered RP, based loosely on the earliest seasons of Heroes. No knowledge of fandom is required, as we're about to set off on our very own journey.

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jun 30 2023 10:07 AM · Clicks: 77

Screenshot of http://velvetrodeo.us
Velvet Rodeo   Visit

The original Sin City, Vegas is known to locals as an enigmatic beast fueled by greed, *****, gluttony, and-- perhaps most importantly-- caffeine.

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jun 30 2023 4:10 AM · Clicks: 80

Screenshot of https://anotherfantasy.jcink.net
Another Fantasy   Visit

The mages of Another Fantasy use a masquerade to conceal themselves from mundane society. Original fantasy inspired by The Worst Witch, Howl's Moving Castle, Discworld and more.

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jun 18 2023 12:33 AM · Clicks: 85

Screenshot of https://academyofelements.jcink.net
Academy of Elements   Visit

The ACADEMY OF ELEMENTS is a top secret post-secondary school for elementals - people born with the ability to control one of five elements. AIR, EARTH, FIRE, WATER, and ELECTRICITY.

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jun 12 2023 9:10 PM · Clicks: 93

Screenshot of https://houseofmirth.jcink.net
The House of Mirth   Visit

Step into the extraordinary realm of a moving endless mansion, a place that defies the bounds of time and reality itself. Within its ethereal walls, lost souls and forgotten treasures from across the...

Genre: RPG · Date Added: May 30 2023 2:45 AM · Clicks: 102

Screenshot of https://cherryblooms.jcink.net
Watermelon Sugar   Visit

Set in Boston, Mass. Watermelon Sugar is a light horror rp that explores the conversation of the supernatural.

Genre: RPG · Date Added: May 29 2023 2:38 PM · Clicks: 133

Screenshot of http://deaddaylight.jcink.net
Dead By Daylight   Visit

Dead By Daylight is a mature (21+) horror rpg multi-fandom community that has a 1980's vibe. Horror icons have been whisked away from their own timelines/fandoms and brought to the mysterious...

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Apr 29 2023 2:16 PM · Clicks: 128

Screenshot of https://crywolf.jcink.net
Cry Wolf   Visit

18+ Modern Fantasy/AU Mercy Thompson roleplay. After fae went public to the world in the 1980s, the world changed. Government agencies were formed to keep everything under control. Anti-fae groups...

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Apr 18 2023 4:26 AM · Clicks: 115