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Screenshot of https://whitner.jcink.net
Whitner   Visit

Canines with unique appearances and abilities; rejected, outcast and denied. All find a place to live away from the judgement of the 'normal' canines. A fantasy canine roleplay.

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jan 24 2022 4:16 PM · Clicks: 8

Screenshot of https://oceansrp.jcink.net
Oceans [Jcink Premium]   Visit

Welcome to our little slice of paradise! Here on Oceans, we are a 18+ Jcink Premium site that has No Word Count, Optional Freestyle Applications, and a site that likes to focus on character plots and...

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jan 21 2022 12:23 PM · Clicks: 11

Screenshot of https://journeytothestars.jcink.net
Journey To The Stars   Visit

Sandbox Mass Effect Andromeda Roleplay. est 2017. no wc. profile application.

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jan 18 2022 4:35 AM · Clicks: 13

Screenshot of https://strangetides.jcink.net
Strange Tides   Visit

Modern-day Supernatural Roleplay with a dystopian twist. There's unique customizable abilities for every character. We're a 3/3/3 rated premium site that's 18+ and lgbtq+ friendly. Here...

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jan 18 2022 4:32 AM · Clicks: 12

Screenshot of https://falconhavenacademy.jcink.net
Falcon Haven Academy and University of Magic   Visit

Falcon Haven is an original magical school site that is character driven. Set in a fictional town of Hidden Creek, in Washington State. Students are offered to grow within our university program.

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jan 17 2022 4:08 PM · Clicks: 11

Screenshot of https://tesseractrp.jcink.net
Tesseract   Visit

This is a IC panfandom set in a unique world that offers a variety of landscapes for chars to make a life in. From fantasy to scifi, all is covered. We support migrating chars from other IC places!

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jan 15 2022 10:03 PM · Clicks: 14

Screenshot of https://badreputations.jcink.net
Bad Reputations   Visit

Bad Reputations is a Marvel Au site set five years after the superhuman civil war. Superhumans are now required by law to register with their governments as well as implant a power dampening chip...

Genre: RPG · Date Added: Jan 13 2022 3:24 PM · Clicks: 15