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Screenshot of https://cosmicsilvermoon.jcink.net
Cosmic Silver Moon   Visit

We are a Shonen Sailor Moon Forum RP Site set during the Golden Millennium, a once peaceful era, now slowly ravaged by war. The website is taking the concept of Sailor Moon, and making it into...

Genre: Anime · Date Added: Jan 31 2024 4:24 AM · Clicks: 127

Screenshot of https://otaku-paradise.net
Otaku Paradise   Visit

The ultimate haven for anime and manga enthusiasts! Whether you're a seasoned otaku or just taking your first steps into the captivating world of *****anese animation and comics, you've found...

Genre: Anime · Date Added: Nov 23 2023 9:48 AM · Clicks: 234

Screenshot of http://bleachroleplay.jcink.net
Bleach Roleplay   Visit

Since the beginning of the Soul Society, a group called Central 46 that has been in Administration, serves as the judiciary authority. The individuals within the organization were trusted and...

Genre: Anime · Date Added: Oct 15 2023 4:59 PM · Clicks: 253

Screenshot of https://kankokupass.jcink.net
Kankoku Pass   Visit

A anime/manga community with a focus around the increasingly popular anime/manga, Kingdom

Genre: Anime · Date Added: Jul 21 2020 12:31 AM · Clicks: 955