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Kelly Marie Tran, ‘Raya and the Last Dragon’ Director Carlos López Estrada Launch Antigravity Academy Banner (Exclusive)
The production company will develop and produce underrepresented stories and include an incubator for first- and second-time filmmakers.
Published: Nov 28, 2022 @ 10:42:00 PM
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Elon Musk's 'peace plan' for Russia-Ukraine war explained
Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Wednesday invited Elon Musk to visit his country after the billionaire tweeted a proposal to end Russia’s invasion. Zelensky said that only after seeing it with his own eyes would Musk be allowed to “tell us how to end this war
Published: Today
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FULL INTERVIEW: Arizona's Family Nicole Crites sits down with Sen. Kyrsten Sinema
With Republican Kari Lake refusing to concede to Katie Hobbs in the governor’s race, Arizona's Family Nicole Crites asked Sinema to weigh in on the dispute. Terry Goddard, former Arizona attorney ...
Published: Yesterday
Source: AZFamily
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Chaos Walking Review
IGN serves a global audience, so with Chaos Walking out this week in theaters, we're publishing our review from Tom Jorgensen who watched the film via a digital screener. Read more on IGN's policy ...
Published: Mar 03, 2021 @ 09:16:00 AM
Source: IGN
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Blake Griffin highlights: Celtics vet turns back clock with dunks on Charlotte in Boston's 140-105 blowout win
While Boston Celtics veteran big man Blake Griffin's style of play has shifted from high-flying dunker to a passing big man known for taking charges with skill, there are still moments the Oklahoma ...
Published: Nov 29, 2022 @ 11:23:31 AM
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Capitals' Alex Ovechkin breaks Wayne Gretzky's record for most career road goals
Ovechkin's first goal tied Gretzky's record of 402 road goals and the Capitals captain was able to break it with his second goal midway through the opening period. Ovechkin tallied the record-breaking ...
Published: Nov 30, 2022 @ 09:49:00 AM
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Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea Film Festival Kicks Off With Splashy Opening Night Featuring Stars, Bruno Mars Performance
Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea Film Festival kicked off its second edition on Friday with a splashy gala that alongside Egyptian icon Yousra and a plethora of Arab talent also saw Guy Ritchie, Sharon ...
Published: Yesterday
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Big Brother: Why Mike Boogie Was Found Guilty Of Stalking Will Kirby
Find out why Big Brother winner Mike Boogie Malin was found guilty of stalking Dr. Will Kirby in 2021. Mike was on probation for two years.
Published: Nov 27, 2022 @ 08:56:34 AM
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Nicolas Cage Compares Upcoming ‘Longlegs’ to a Twisted ‘Pinocchio’: I’m Playing a ‘Possessed Geppetto’
Oz Perkins writes and directs the upcoming thriller inspired by the classic fable. There may be two “ Pinocchio ” films on the horizon, but Nicolas Cage just threw in an unexpected twisted take on the ...
Published: Nov 29, 2022 @ 02:00:47 PM
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Why was Wesley Snipes in prison?
Wesley Snipes was sentenced in 2008 to 3 years of prison on charges of tax evasion. The actor hoped to become a better person after his sentence. Wesley Snipes Some pictures of Wesley Snipes ...
Published: Nov 26, 2022 @ 08:32:00 PM
Source: MSN
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MCU Quiz: Who Said It - The Falcon Or The Winter Soldier?
Do you know which of Steve Rogers' closest friends said it? In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sam Wilson's Falcon and Bucky Barnes' Winter Soldier are there for Steve Rogers through thick and thin.
Published: Nov 22, 2022 @ 01:29:00 AM
Source: What Culture
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Pavelich dies at 63, was on 'Miracle on Ice' 1980 U.S. Olympic team
Mark Pavelich, part of the United States' "Miracle on Ice" gold medal-winning men's hockey team at the 1980 Lake Placid Olympics, died Thursday at age 63. No cause of death was given. Pavelich ...
Published: Mar 05, 2021 @ 02:53:00 PM
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Mike Conley, Rudy Gay progressing in rehabbing injuries as Jazz wade through losing streak
The Jazz announced Tuesday that Conley has “progressed to running and has incorporated on court movements with shooting,” and that he “will continue daily rehab and treatments.” He remains day-to-day.
Published: Nov 29, 2022 @ 02:42:00 PM
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Who is Megan Anderson? Australian UFC star to challenge GOAT for title at UFC 259
Now, 31-year-old Megan Anderson (11-4) has the chance to join them, and become the first female Aussie UFC champion in the process. The rangy Queenslander takes on women's MMA goat Amanda Nunes ...
Published: Feb 15, 2021 @ 10:14:00 PM
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Skip Bayless Puts Lakers LeBron James on Blast
Getty LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers. On November 30, Austin Reaves helped the Los Angeles Lakers overcome the Portland Trail Blazers with a 22-point outing that saw him convert 70% of his field ...
Published: Yesterday
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Suns stars Chris Paul, Devin Booker discuss their love of golf at WM Phoenix Open luncheon
When the Phoenix Suns schedule comes out each August, Devin Booker looks for a few dates. Among them are the four days of the WM Phoenix Open each winter. Typically, the timing doesn’t work out. Even ...
Published: Today
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Boss Level
As esports jostles for a place at the Commonwealth Games, and critics question its levels of athletic prowess, one of the competition’s biggest characters is more interested in winning – and ...
Published: Jun 30, 2022 @ 03:41:00 AM
Source: NME
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Smith: There's a lot more to December than Christmas
Beethoven was born in December. So was Ty Cobb, Redd Fox, Tiger Woods, Pope Francis, Catherine of Aragon, Walt Disney, Frank Sinatra, Nostradamus, Louis Pasteur, and Alex Smith. You may not be ...
Published: Today
Source: Yahoo News
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Jennifer Aniston Admits What ‘Blue Bloods’ Star Tom Selleck Is Really Like to Work With
After the iconic Friends reunion in 2021, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow and the rest of the cast gave more interviews about their time working on the show.A particular interview that ...
Published: Today
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IN THEIR WORDS: What Brent Seabrook Means to the Blackhawks
Brent Seabrook's contributions on the ice will be missed during his recovery from multiple injuries that ended the Blackhawks defenseman's 2019-20 season, but it is his absence from the dressing ...
Published: Dec 27, 2019 @ 06:00:00 PM